Pastoral Team

Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator – Glenys Jamison

Glenys has been a long time member at FCoC and is a wealth of knowledge on the families who have made the church part of their life. She maintains a high level of detail to all the areas of her ministry.

Her old mobile phone suffered a slight overload earlier in the year due to multiple use in keeping up with the needs both prayer and physical of the community. This phone has since been replaced (grudgingly) and she continues to reach out to as many people as her time allows.

Office Administrator – Rhonda Duncan

Rhonda (that’s me) has her fingers in many pies both in the office and out of it.

Having children of her own, she loves to get involved with the children’s ministry areas wherever she can.  She also likes to dabble with crafty pursuits so she may be seen joining with the craft ladies or creating a display about the building.

Senior Ministries Co-Ordinator – Ken Roberts

Ken brings a boundless energy to the various activities he co-ordinates. From weekly worship services at numerous Aged Care facilities across the Frankston area to monthly gatherings for the 60+ group, and co-ordinating commemorative services each year.

Ken is a whirlwind when it comes to organizing and great at assembling a team to join in for any event.