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Sun 14    10.00am        Worship Service – Martin Lees

Sun 21   10.00am        Worship Service – Michael Vanderee

Sun 28    10.00am        Worship Service – Martin Lees

Safe Water September

Safe Water September 

Poverty is a lack of choice – For one month, experience that lack of choice.

Safe Water September is a challenge to drink nothing but water for the entire month of September, to raise funds for safe water projects in rural Zimbabwe. Yes, you can still eat food, but no coffee, tea, soft drink or milkshakes! For every $20 you raise, one person gains access to life-changing safe water. This means kids are back in school, child and maternal deaths are dropping and communities are being transformed!Globally, 650 million people don’t have access to safe water.

Want to help?– sign up to take the challenge yourself or support someone else at

What can you expect from Frankston CoC ?

We are intentional about ensuring that everything about this church and what we do is a place where every person can feel safe and be authentically themselves. A safe place to explore faith, or to be fully committed in faith, to be able bodied or not so much, to be younger or to be older, to be male or female, to be from a variety of faith backgrounds, cultures, demographic and capacity. Whatever it is that makes us a diverse and richly varied community of faith; different theological perspectives, different expressions of how we experience God.

We seek to create spaces for worship and for participation that are always invitational (which reflects that God only ever invites us, and never forces or demands), that values and understands that our experiences vary, and that life and what it is to be human is complex, and to meet and accept each person wherever they are at. And to hold each other accountable, with love and grace and truth, to each person’s own capacity.

We endeavour to see God’s abundance and celebrate it.

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